Sagarmatha National Sambaad

Ministry of Foreign Affairs successfully organized Sagarmatha National Sambaad on 9 February 2020 with an aim of collecting views and suggestions to establish Nepal's national position and perspective for the upcoming  Sagarmatha Sambaad scheduled to be held on 2-4 April 2020. The national Sambaad was inaugurated by Hon. Ishwar Pokhrel, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister of Nepal, in presence of Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Minister of General Administration and Federal Affairs, Hon. Minister for Finance by planting the sapling of Bar and Pipal, plants that have been named as Sagarmatha Sambaad Tree. Other participants in the Sambaad included Cabinet Ministers of Nepal, senior Government officials, foreign policy experts, environmentalists, and representatives from security forces, province and local government, civil society, academia, among others.

The national Sambaad consisted of four thematic sessions and a plenary session namely Adaptation, Resilience and Livelihoods; Green Economy and Energy; Transformational Solutions; Global Partnership and Regional Cooperation and Ambition for 1.5 degree Celsius: Urgency for Action in Mountains and beyond; Way Forward for the Future of Humanity.

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