Inauguration of the Secretariat of the Sagarmatha Sambaad and Press Meet on 21 November 2019

Honorable Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali inaugurated the Secretariat of Sagarmatha Sambaad amidst a special function held at Narayanhiti Palace on 21 November 2019.

During the inaugural ceremony, Hon. Minister shared with the participants about the aims of the Sagarmatha Sambaad which is scheduled to be held from from 2-4 April 2020 on the theme of "Climate Change, Mountains and the Future of Humanity."

Foreign Minister Gyawali expressed that the main objectives of the first edition of Sagarmatha Sambad are to forge a common consensus among countries on the impending climate crisis and encourage political leaders to mobilize their political willpower to tackle its menace and create awareness among participants and the entire world about the direct relation that exists between the climate change and mountain ecology.

Sagarmatha Sambaad, which will be held every two years, will be jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) and Policy Research Institute (PRI). While updating about the ongoing preparation for the Sagarmatha Sambaad, Hon. Gyawali sought for cooperation from all stakeholders including government, non-government international organizations, international community, development partners, academia, experts entrepreneurs, civil society, media, among others.

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