About Sagarmatha Sambaad

The Sagarmatha Sambaad is a multi-stakeholder dialogue forum committed to deliberate on the most prominent issues of global, regional and national significance. As a platform, it brings together people from all walks of life from broader spectrum, having the stake, influence and capacity to shape and drive the discourse for positive change.

The Sambaad (dialogue) is named after the world’s tallest mountain Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) which is also a symbol of friendship and is meant to promote the notions of common good and collective wellbeing of humanity. Sagarmatha, being the highest natural landmark on the earth, is also the tallest witness of the unfolding global events. 

Nepal is an ancient land with rich natural and cultural heritages. Historically, the Himalaya and its foothills have been home to many sages, thinkers and people who have attained Bodhisattva- enlightenment. Discourses, reflections, mediation, harmonious life with nature and enlightenment have remained defining features of that tradition. The majestic mountains, with Sagarmatha towering over us, inspire us to think beyond our border and reflect on issues in a holistic manner. As the ancient Sanskrit saying goes, "(Knowledge is generated through discourses), we believe that the most challenging issues facing the global humanity can be addressed through discourses and reflections. In today’s complex world, we need even more open and collaborative dialogues to help flourish new ideas, views, and perspectives on various issues of common interest. Like the symbol, sanctity, beauty and the esteem for Sagarmatha, the forum intends to prove itself as a vibrant dialogue platform that could contribute towards the global efforts in promoting collective wellbeing. 

The Sambaad was established in 2019 as a permanent global forum is headquartered in Kathmandu. As a joint collaborative initiative of Nepal's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) and the Policy Research Institute (PRI), the Sambaad strives in all its efforts to promote and demonstrate its resolve to make it a welcoming ground for all stakeholders for impartial, transparent, open discussion and free flow of thoughts and ideas.  

It is structured as a multi-stakeholder, cross-sectoral discussion forum. Every two years, the Sambaad draws in Kathmandu global leaders involving heads of state/government, parliamentarians, policy makers and local governments, as well as leaders from inter-governmental organizations, private sector, civil society, think tanks, academia, women, youths and media to discuss on the ways of cooperation, exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences on prominent global issues. 

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